Lessons at Cadenza Music School are tailored around the style of music you enjoy and will be geared towards reaching your personal goals. From learning for fun, to working towards exams, our tutors will work to bring out the best in you. We pride ourselves on having a team of teachers that balance a fun and relaxed atmosphere with the best education, encouraging you to enjoy music and achieve.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome at the school and we teach a variety of instruments, including…

Piano / Voice / Guitar / Bass / Drums / Flute / Saxophone / Bassoon / Clarinet / Oboe / Recorder / Trumpet / Trombone / Cornet / Euphonium / Tuba / French Horn

All lessons are one to one and approximately 30 minutes long*

We offer a free trial so get in touch if you’d like to give one of our teachers a try.


5 lessons: £88

10 lessons: £160

We accept cash, cheque and debit cards. (We are currently not taking credit card payments)


20 minute lessons are available for under 7s only, please ask for more details.

The fine print

The trial is free with no obligation. Should you choose to book up, lessons are booked in blocks of 5 or 10. 5 lessons are £88, 10 lessons are £160. We accept cash, cheque and debit cards.

Lessons don’t need to be completely consecutive but we ask you to let us know your dates when you book up and make any cancellations at payment stage. We are open mostly all year round and so if you don’t want to come in school holidays or have conflicting appointments, we ask you to book that off at the time of booking. Any cancellations past the point of booking will be charged. If you would like more information about our terms/cancellation policy, please feel free to talk to us at the trial or email/phone us and we will happily talk you through it.

*Lessons are approximately 30 minutes. We keep them as close to that as possible but there is always a bit of discrepancy due to switch over time between lessons and contact time with parents/family.