Performance Grades

We can help you take your ABRSM performance exam!

Taking your ABRSM Performance Grade at Cadenza

In 2020 ABRSM announced the debut of the performance grade. This new platform allows students to submit a recorded exam performance, allowing flexibility throughout lockdown and moving forward.

Download Cadenza’s tips below

Exams are recorded on site at Cadenza

If you play a solo instrument, such as violin, trumpet or flute, our on site accompanist will perform and record with you, taking you through every step of the process.

We will book your exam for you. We will need your full name, D.O.B & Candidate ID (if you have one).

ABRSM 2022 Exam Entry Fees (+ Cadenza £5 admin fee)

A full explanation of costs involved will be discussed at booking, but for existing Cadenza students, most rehearsals and recording can be done within your usual lesson booking. The exam entry fee will be an additional, as stated above. However there will be an additional accompaniment surcharge for grades 6-8. This does not apply to piano.